I hope you will enjoy these more casual pictures of some of the dogs that have brightened our lives. Some are living with their permanent families but also included are some shots of our dogs at home.

Show careers are only a small part of breeding show dogs. The real reward comes when you make new friends through the puppies that you place in loving homes. Many people keep in touch and send photos and stories. I enjoy this part best.

  Beautiful portrait of Sophie taken by Mark Raycroft
Sophie hoping there will be seconds.
Given relaxing after some fun times at Owenbriar.
The gang waiting for left overs Boxing Day, 2010
From left to right, Rosie, Sage, Joey, Digger, Thyme, Sophie and Macy. Bonnie declined to be photographed. 
Twins?? No it's Joey (right) with his visiting cousin Digger.

Thyme enjoying the snow

Joey and his mom, Rosie, sharing a tender moment.

Oh Dear! How embarrassing!!! Rosie caught in this candid shot cozying up with Samuel the cat.

Maggie helping herself to a cup of coffee, note the eyes crossed in concentration

Dogs that have lived or are still living with us at Owenbriar
Macy's son, Kubrick, dropped by for a visit with the family. He's the one having his ears sniffed.


Avery and her Mom Denise.  Perfect companions. We will be hearing lots more of these two in the obedience and conformation rings I'm sure!
Kubrick and Lola enjoying a romp in the February snow.

Bobbi and Fanny, therapy girls extraordinaire.

Lyndi smoozing with her boys

Sonny leads a pretty pampered existence near Georgian Bay.

Elliot, Rosie's son and Maggie's brother, at 10 years old. He is a much loved family member of Ian and Ann.

Kieran, Sage's son, showing off his gorgeous coat and manly good looks. His owners obviously keep him in top condition.

Velvet is a lovely little girl who is adored by her family.

Chandu, looking lovely by her rose garden.

Fergus takes care of his little brother Zach. Two pals growing up together. One of the perks of breeding these lovely family dogs and placing them in the perfect home.
No, it's not a mirror! It's just Nikki and Simon having a "whose fiercest" competition.

Nikki and Simon napping under a cedar tree at their family home on a hot day.

Rhett, (left and below) resting by his stream while being admired by his owners

Dogs that were born here at Owenbriar but now enjoy life with their own families.
Kubrick waiting for Santa (above) and getting reacquainted with mom, Macy (right)


Toby posing for his Mom.

Jelly ready to go for a ride with her family.

Sage, Maggie's daughter, flying at her first agility trial! 
Jack and his mom Maggie sleeping away the miles while on a family trip.

Basil, Keiko's brother, settling in at his new home.

Keiko, Thyme's son, right at 13 weeks and above with his cousin and puppyhood hero Cyrano enjoying naptime on the deck.